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Bio-oil and Palmers Coco’s Butter

The story

I have a met a few people in my life and I have looked at there skin and thought, that they really do have the most incredible skin. so me being me, I have always complimented them and asked them what they use. 

To my surprise every single one of them have said bio-oil and palmers coco butter. 


So I obviously tried them out and honestly they have done wonders to my skin. 

How to apply

The best tip I would give is applying the bio-oil on first on damp skin, the oil is absorbed straight into the skin that way. Bio-oil is also could for acne and general scars. 

It smells good and sweet. It’s not oily so you can also use it under make-up. After only a few uses it will five you clear, glowing, dewy looking skin. 

I think, this really is a great oil for a good all over moisturiser. Over time it makes your skin incredibly smooth, gets rid of any fine lines and minor blemishes you may have. 


Bio-oil contains a number of ingredient in here are a few of the main ones:

Lavender oil, rosemary oil, chamomile oil, vitamin A, vitamin E and rose fragrance. 


Palmers Coco Butter

This really does smell lush. I usually use this after I have applied the bio-oil on. Call me crazy but I just love extra moisturising and really making sure I have younger looking skin for years to come. 

However you may find it a bit too greasy I usually only use the coco butter at night times. Also i’m really fussy about what kind of coco-butter I use. I only use the palmers coco-butter and the solid form. I find that the lotion isn’t greaser enough find it a bit to watery for my liking. However for those of you that don’t like the greasy feel go for the lotion. 

Coco butter is enriched with vitamin E and shea butter.

Other good tips about coco butter, a lot of pregnant women use it as it is really good for scars and stretch mark. 

Coco butter is also great for achieving a sun kissed golden tan.


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